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Vapers Stage a Protest of the New E-Cigarette Ban

New York City's ban on e-cigarettes in bars, restaurants, and other public places went into effect at midnight last night, and many dedicated e-cig proponents headed to Play at the Museum of Sex to protest. The bar was packed with a wide range of vapers, who all began vaping at 12:01, in defiance of the law that former Mayor Bloomberg signed into effect on one of his last days in office.

Fans of the nicotine vaporizers argue that it provides them a healthy alternative to smoking, and that the scentless vapor produced is neither harmful nor a nuisance in public places. Some restaurateurs like Carlo Mirarchi and Gabriel Stulman, discourage e-cigs in the dining room, but most don't seem to mind. And just a few weeks ago, Ryan Sutton argued here that vaping is better than the alternative, which leads to meals disrupted by smoke breaks and the scent of second-hand smoke. None of those who protested last night suffered any repercussions, and many insist that they'll keep on vaping in public despite the law. Others are convinced that, as protester Chris Calnek put it, that "ultimately, like Prohibition, this will be repealed."
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[Photo: NYC Hospitality Alliance]


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