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Corsino's Brand New Menu; Dominique Ansel's Waffogato

WEST VILLAGECorsino is closed for a few days for a revamp. It will reopen on Thursday, May 1, with a new menu from husband and wife team Shaunna Sargent and Andrew Lentz. Sargent was the opening chef, but she left to open Betto, and now she's back. On Thursday night, the new and improved Corsino will be offering complimentary snacks at the bar plus 25 percent off wines by the glass and select cocktails after 9 p.m. Curiously, opening restaurateur Jason Denton's name is no longer on the website or any of its press materials. [EaterWire]

SOHODominique Ansel's newest creation, The Waffogato, is a waffle-shaped ice cream puck that's studded with waffle bits and tapioca balls. It comes with a maple syrup espresso that's poured over the top. The dish will be served at tonight's Taste of the Nation event, and it will hit the regular menu on May 9. [Eater National]

DOH CHRONICLESThe DOH is trying to crack down on street vendors that avoid paying for health inspection fines by simply applying for new licenses instead of renewing the old ones. Now, instead of issuing violations to the vendors, the DOH will give them to the bosses that own the permits. A DOH statement notes: "The new policy will motivate permit holders to ensure that vendors who work for them are handling and serving food safely." [NYP]
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