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Legal Battle Over Picasso at The Four Seasons Drags On

Aby Rosen, the landlord of The Four Seasons, is still fighting to take down Picasso mural Le Tricorne in order to repair the wall behind it. The Landmarks Conservancy, which owns the painting, is suing the restaurant in order to prevent Rosen from taking it down, a move that might damage the work. Peg Breen, the president of the conservancy tells the AP: "We're just trying to do our duty and trying to keep a lovely interior landmark intact." Rosen, who actually has two Picassos in his house, recently told the Times that "he aims to remove and restore the painting, then decide where it will go."

In 2008, Le Tricorne was appraised at $1.6 million, but that's not a huge number for work by Picasso. Still, Breen notes: "Most people would be very happy to have the largest Picasso in America hanging in their building." The mural is staying put until the lawsuit is settled.
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[Photo: The Four Seasons]