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Old Billionaire Orders Dairy Queen at The Four Seasons

Four Seasons photo: Krieger; DairyQueen pic; Buff

Which is better: the Pool Room at The Four Seasons, or the Grill Room? If you're billionaire Warren Buffett, the answer is: the Pool Room with dessert delivery from Dairy Queen and a Cherry Coke from CVS.

The Post reports that the 83-year-old tycoon was spotted dining with 87-year-old business partner Tom Murphy in the Pool Room earlier this week. Buffett requested a Cherry Coke, which the restaurant does not carry, so someone went and grabbed him one from the drug store down the block. After finishing his hamburger dinner, the mogul requested dessert from Dairy Queen, but sadly, New York doesn't have any DQs yet, so Warren had to settle for cookies. According to the Post, Buffett was "swarmed by a bevy of young women who asked him to pose for a series of selfies." His company, Berkshire Hathaway, has stakes in both Coca Cola and Dairy Queen.
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The Four Seasons Restaurant

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