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Behold America's One and Only Cat Café

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[All photos by Marguerite Preston]

Ladies and Gentlemen, have a look around America's very first cat café, which pet food brand Purina ONE is hosting as a pop-up on the Bowery tomorrow through Sunday. Just like its Asian and European counterparts, this Cat Café provides the opportunity to drink a latte while completely surrounded by cats.

Eater got an early look at both cafe and cats, and now, without further ado, here's a glimpse of a real life, made-in-America Cat Café.

For the truly dedicated cat person, it will also offer a series of lectures and demonstrations by cat experts on such topics as "health and communication" and "cat-friendly interior design." The drinks are free, although the organizers of the event are keeping quiet about which coffee company is supplying the goods.

For those who can't make it to the pop-up, or who just can't get enough of it, Purina ONE is also livestreaming the whole thing. The cats can be adopted throughout the weekend (although they can't be taken home until the end), and the pop-up will conclude with a big adoption event on Sunday. After that, America will have to go back to drinking its coffee sans cats. But not for long: permanent cat cafes are in the works in San Francisco, Oakland, Portland, LA, Vancouver, and Toronto. And now that this cafe has paved the way, it seems only a matter of time before New York jumps on the bandwagon.
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