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Is the Landlord Blocking Lulu's From Going Gay?

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The owner of Lulu's in Greenpoint has been dealing with a few years of declining business, and he may decide to close when the lease expires in ten months. But Lulu's proprietor John McGillion also thinks he might be able to turn business around by converting Lulu's into a gay bar to attract the ever-growing LGBT population in Greenpoint and Williamsburg. There is just one problem: The lease that McGillion signed almost a decade ago has a very strict and clear "No Gay Bar" clause, prohibiting him from making the change. Now McGillion is suing the landlord, asking that the clause be lifted and that two to three additional years be added on to the lease at the same price.

Not for nothing, but this all seems like a very clever ploy to get a lease extension at below market prices, since the landlord is now sitting on a goldmine commercial space and is looking to triple the rent when Lulu's lease does expire. By making this into an issue now, McGillion will have his day in court (or in a lawyer's conference room for settlement talks at least) and have the public on his side fighting against what is, honestly, a disgusting clause prohibiting a business serving a segment of the population.
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