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America's First Cat Café is Popping Up in NYC This Week

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Tom's Cat Cafe, Seoul.
Tom's Cat Cafe, Seoul.
Photo: feline_dacat/Flickr

Pet food brand Purina ONE is opening a pop-up cat café at 168 Bowery this Thursday. For those unfamiliar, a cat café is a coffee shop populated with cats for customers to play with. It's all the rage in Japan and Europe, and enterprising cat-lovers in San Francisco, Oakland, Portland, LA, Vancouver, and Toronto are racing to open cafés of their own. But with this pop-up, New York will become the very first North American city to actually get a cat café.

The Purina ONE Cat Café will be open only from Thursday, April 24 through Sunday, April 27. The cats on the scene will all be adoptable, and the coffee, according to Sprudge, will be provided in part by an unnamed "well-regarded speciality coffee roaster based in Brooklyn."
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Purina ONE Cat Cafe

168 Bowery, New York, NY

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