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New Website Charges $50 for Hard-to-Get Reservations

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A pricier competitor to Killer Rezzy, the new website that sells primetime reservations at NYC restaurants for $25 a pop, has just emerged. The tables listed on the new site, Food For All, are somewhat more desirable than Killer Rezzy's (there's currently a Saturday reservation for four at Eleven Madison Park) but also cost twice as much. To soften the blow of that $50 fee, however, the site does promise to donate 10 percent of all proceeds to City Harvest. Like Killer Rezzy, it looks like the restaurants are not working with this site to offer these tables — it's just reservation scalping.

But the question still remains: is it worth shelling out for a restaurant reservation that could potentially be had for free? And is it fair to the restaurant that won't see a dime of the money charged for its table?
· Food For All [Official Site]
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