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Bringing Your Children To Nightclubs Is Now A Thing

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If VIP juice box service and 9-year-old DJs spinning the hottest dance tracks are of any interest to you, then today is your lucky day. Someone has finally cracked the code and figured out a way to bring nightlife-loving parents and their children together, creating all-day ragers that must rival the debauchery seen at places like Lavo's infamous brunch party. The event is called Fuzipop, and was started by two nightclub loving parents after seeing how much fun everyone had at the birthday party they threw for their one-year-old during the day at an empty nightclub.

Now they charge $20 for a parent and child and $60 for a family of four, and can attract about 200 people at a time. Kids enjoy juice boxes while parents down copious amount of vodka while dancing to the beats of D.J. Kai, who is 9, and an 8-year-old up-and-comer who just finished DJ school in Brooklyn and goes by the name D.J. Tiger. Finally someone is thinking of the children.
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