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The Joy Of Selling 200 Bottles Of Champagne

Being a nightclub owner has its ups and downs. It may seem glamorous, but it's a fickle business filled with risks and the very real possibility that those big spending customers that came when you were the newest club in New York will abandon you for another new club and put you out of business. Everyone wants to have the next Marquee, but the chances of opening The Darby are so much greater.

But when it goes right, it can really go right. Just look at Finale, part of the EMM Group's Bowery pleasure palace. After opening, the club and its owners have dealt with a lawsuit from the neighboring condo association, an ongoing battle with the community board and local NIMBY groups, and even an investigation by the State Liquor Authority that could have resulted in the entire operation being shut down or drastically altered. But through all of that the business shouldered on and may have reached some kind nirvana on Saturday night when a single customer purchased 200 bottles of Champagne at one time. 200 bottles! That's a pre Great Recession Jho Lo kind of order. Even at a group discount of $300 a piece, that's at least a $60,000 bill, and the chances are it's much higher than that. And because this is 2014, the entire thing was recorded for posterity.

They be poppin Champagne indeed. UPDATE: Mark Birnbaum erased the video.
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199 Bowery, New York, NY

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