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Spring RAMPS Are on a RAMPAGE in New RAMP City

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Instagram/The Pines

There is no stopping the spring ramps. Much to the delight of diners, these sneaky green vegetables are infiltrating menus all over New York City. Here's a roundup of notable ramp dishes from the last few days:

From greenmarket prince Dan Kluger: "They're back!!! Ramps are here and hitting @abckitchen full force. #ramptoast #lynnhavengoatcheese #abckitchen"

North End Grill's Saturday night special: soft scrambled eggs with bacon and ramps on grilled bread.


Michael Berardino recently served pork belly with ramps at Dylan Prime:


From Big Man Harold Dieterle: "Sweet pea ravioli w/ fiddle heads, mint, brown butter & pickled ramps. special tonight @themarrownyc."


And look what just arrived at The Pines...

A few funny green friends have found their way to Le Philosophe in Noho.


And Babbo is still New York's #1 ramp emporium. From noted ramp enthusiast Mario Batali: "It yes you will be tired of my ramp fotos soon! #wheeeeeeeeeeerampseason."


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