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Will wd~50 Be Forced to Move to Make Way for a Condo?

[Wd~50 photo: Krieger; Rendering: Isaac & Stern]
The Isaac & Stern Architects group is planning to build a seven-story commercial/residential building at 50-62 Clinton. Presumably, this means that the one story buildings that currently take up that stretch of Clinton Street will be razed, and one of those structures just so happens to be the home of Wylie Dufresne's trailblazing modernist cuisine restaurant wd~50. Rothstein's Hardware, which occupies one of the storefronts on this space, has already announced plans to move. Bowery Boogie noticed that Davey Drill workers were taking soil samples at the site yesterday.

When the renderings for the building first hit the web last week, a spokesperson for wd~50 explained that the restaurant had no plans to leave its current home. Eater has reached out to the wd~50 team for more details.
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50 Clinton Street, New York, NY 10002