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Amaro Montenegro: More than a Digestif

If you're a cocktail lover, chances are you've had amaro: aromatic, herbaceous, sweet and bitter; it's become a go-to cocktail ingredient thanks to its complexity of flavor and versatility.

Amaro, made from herbs, bark, roots, flowers and citrus, means "bitter" in Italian. It's known as a digestif for its ability to settle the stomach even after a very abundant meal. But Amaro Montenegro is breaking out of the after-dinner category, partnering with NYC's top bartenders to create exciting, new amaro cocktails. Find the recipes here. Make them yourself or seek out amaro at your local NYC bars.

Montenegro, named for the second queen of Italy, is a still-secret blend of 40 herbs and spices first concocted in 1885 by Italian Alchemist Stanislao Cobianchi. It's the #1 amaro in Italy. And with these cocktails and bartenders on board, it's bound to be #1 here, too.