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The DOH Gave Di Fara a 'B' for Having Extra Chairs

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Yesterday Dom DeMarco's daughter Maggie, who manages Di Fara for her father, posted a note to the legendary pizzeria's Facebook page explaining the results of a recent health inspection. During that visit from the DOH, the restaurant was apparently given violation points for keeping extra folding chairs in the kitchen, which the staff offered to customers when it got crowded. But according to DOH requirements, a restaurant is only allowed 19 seats unless it has a public, wheelchair-accessible bathroom, which Di Fara does not. Maggie writes: "Those folding chairs caused us to get a B grade... At this time, we will no longer have anymore than 19 seats at all times."

Di Fara has a somewhat rocky history where the DOH is concerned. It has failed inspections multiple times, most recently in 2011. Currently it holds a "B" for an inspection conducted in August of 2013, which cites "evidence of mice" and inadequate "personal cleanliness" among the violations.

Neither of those violations appear on an ungraded inspection from last month, but the restaurant still managed to rack up 42 violation points, with the lack of a proper bathroom at the top of list. The most recent inspection is not yet available, but clearly that bathroom is still the sticking point. In yesterday's note, Maggie emphasizes: "I want people to know not to panic when they read grades on food service businesses. It rarely ever means anything hazardous to the public...Feel confident when entering a place that has built a wonderful reputation through hard work."
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