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Olvera's Cosme Coming Soon; Anita Lo on Yelpers

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COMING ATTRACTIONS — Mexican chef Enrique Olvera, of Mexico City's highly-acclaimed Pujol drops a couple vital details on his upcoming Manhattan restaurant. The restaurant will be called Cosme, he tells Kate Krader, and the menu will be "typical Mexican cooking that I love," with dishes like sea urchin tostadas on a bed of smoked tomatillos. [F&W]

COBBLE HILL — La Vara is hosting a five-course Cava dinner next Sunday, March 16. Dishes include warm oysters with artichoke and corned ham hock with coffee Espanol sauce, and the meal, with Cava pairings, is $65 per person. Make reservations by emailing and check out the menu, below.

EXPANSIONS — John Stage is planning the first Chicago outpost of his Dinosaur Bar-B-Que mini-chain. He's just signed the lease on a space, and doesn't plan to be open until spring of 2015. When it does open, this will be the ninth Dinosaur location and the first outside of the Northeast. [Eater Chicago]

YELPERS — Anita Lo is among the chefs discussing Yelp reviews over on Eater National today. She says it's "real important" that she never reads it herself, but "every once in a while, there's someone that says something that makes sense, and that we need to watch. So my managers read it..." [~EN~]


[Photo: Eater National/Adalberto R. Lanz]

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