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Joshua and Heidy Smookler Reveal Mu Ramen Location

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Joshua and Heidy Smookler have signed the lease on a space at 1209 Jackson Ave. in Long Island City for the first permanent version of their hit noodle operation Mu Ramen. The Smooklers started serving ramen in Bricktown Bagels last year, and then they moved it to various locations, including their apartment. But after Pete Wells put Mu at the top of his ramen list this week, they received 2,000 reservation requests in less than 24 hours and decided to stop the ramen pop-up nights altogether. The new location is about four blocks from the Court Square Subway station.

Today Joshua tells Pete Wells: "I literally got inundated with investment opportunities...I was trying to meet with all those people, so I had to stop that anyway." If everything goes according to plan, the new Mu Ramen restaurant will open in July. There's also a slight chance that they might revive the pop-up inside another restaurant before then.
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Mu Ramen

1209 Jackson Ave., Long Island City, NY