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Mike Price's Spaghetti and Clams at The Clam

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[All photographs by Nick Solares]

When your restaurant is called The Clam and you feature some of the most iconic clam dishes from the American culinary canon — clam chowder, clam dip, a fried clam belly sandwich — you had better have a pasta with clam sauce on your menu. Mike Price, chef and owner of The Clam, dutifully does so and takes it a step further by infusing the dish with the flavors of three different types of clams. He also spikes the gravy with a rather unorthodox ingredient: soy sauce.

Since he already has a white wine based dish in the steamed littlenecks on his menu, Price chose to go with a tomato based sauce for his Spaghetti with Clams ($21). He uses canned tomatoes that are gently pulsed in a blender so they remain somewhat coarse. The inspiration for using the soy sauce came from experimenting with a family meal he prepared for the kitchen staff. Price finds that the soy adds saltiness, color, and a certain smokiness to this dish. The key, says Price, is the use of a scorchingly hot pan that brings the sauce together. "I can tell when the pan is ready to go when it shimmers," the chef explains.

A look at how Price prepares the dish.

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The Clam

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