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Alex Stupak Plans to Jump Into the Tortilla-Making Game

Following yesterday's news about Enrique Olvera planning a tortilleria to accompany his new restaurant, Cosme, Alex Stupak tweeted: "Cool idea. Strangely I'm doing the same thing on St. Marks and A." Eater reached out for more details on what he's got planned. Here's the word from Stupak:

We are building a bar and restaurant around a small facility dedicated to the process. Empellon Taqueria and Empellon Cocina go through 10,000 tortillas a week currently. With the opening of the new place we estimate another 5,000 will be needed. It's time that we fully automate. Custom-made equipment is being built for us in California as I write this. Our new place will go from kernel of corn, to nixtamal, to masa, to tortilla at 132 St. Marks and will become a purveyor for our other two spots.
Although a lot of Mexican restaurants in New York use fresh tortillas, most of these establishments get them from local factories like Tortilleria Nixtamal and Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos. Stupak's third Empellon restaurant will be located in the St. Marks Place corner space that formerly housed Sushi Lounge. If everything goes according to plan, he hopes to open in September.
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[Alex Stupak photo: Daniel Krieger]


230 West 4th Street, New York, New York 10014

Empellon Cocina

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New Empellon Restaurant

132 St. Marks Pl, New York, NY