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Teen Chef Greg Grossman Linked to Latest Food Court

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The owner of Bread & Butter, a small chain of upscale steam-table delis, has teamed up with teen chef Greg Grossman (who is now, for those keeping track at home, 18 years old) for a new food hall project. The latest addition to New York's rapidly growing upscale food court game will be called Hudson Food Hall, and owner Terence Park is currently in negotiations for two locations, one in Tribeca and one on Park Avenue South.

Grossman, who is the executive director of Culinaria Group, the restaurant consulting business he started as a catering company at age 15, will be helping out with menu development and, according to Park, "cooking on a part-time basis." Park says Hudson Food Hall will be "more culinary driven" than Bread & Butter, and will be kind of like Gotham West Market except "not as hip and trendy."
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