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New 7A Project Will Have 'Elements of Miss Lily's'

The industry rumor du jour is that Paul Salmon's new restaurant in the old 7A space will be a location of his Jamaican hit, Miss Lily's. But as it turns out, that's not entirely true. A rep for the Miss Lily's team explains that the new place will "pay homage to the cafe history of 7A," but it will also have "elements of Melvin's Juice Box and Miss Lily's." The Miss Lily's crew recently expanded the restaurant's juice bar, Melvin's Juice Box, to the Dream Downtown Hotel, and the team also launched a line of juice cleanses. So maybe this new project will have a juice/cafe component with the Melvin's branding. It's anyone's guess at this point.

Also, although Noho/Soho restaurateur extraordinaire Josh Pickard and nightlife king Serge Becker were both rumored to be working on this project, it turns out that neither of them are partners in the new 7A restaurant. This is just a Paul Salmon joint. More details on the new 7A project as they become available. UPDATE: A rep sends word that although he's not a partner, Serge is working as the "creative director," of this new restaurant.
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