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Anthony Bourdain's Food Hall Will Have 40 to 50 Vendors

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Bourdain in Granada episode of Parts Unknown. Photo: CNN

Author/TV star/former line cook Anthony Bourdain and business partner Stephen Werthen are currently working on a massive New York City food hall that will host a dream team of chefs and hawkers from around the world. Bourdain tells Departures a little bit more about this project: "We are not interested in the usual suspects...We want you to be able to enjoy expertly sliced Iberico ham and some Cava or Kuching-style laksa [soup], Chinese lamb noodles, Vietnamese pho or a decent barbecue brisket all in one place—and, most importantly, made by the very best people in each specialized area."

Departures reports that the hall will have "40 to 50 single-concept stalls" each offering one or two specialty dishes. The space will be divided up into three sections: a group of Asian stalls, a "geographic spotlight" area that will change every three or four months, and a set of international/domestic vendors. The magazine notes that the last section will offer "gourmet street food, including options like tostadas from La Guerrerense, a cart in Ensenada, Mexico, and barbecue from Daniel Delaney of Brooklyn's BrisketTown." It's unclear whether this means that BrisketTown will actually be one of the vendors, or if that's just an example of the type of stall that might be included here. Eater has reached out to BrisketTown proprietor Daniel Delaney for confirmation, but no word yet on whether he's involved. UPDATE: Delaney has no comment on the project.

Bourdain and his crew have not announced the exact opening date or the location yet, but word on the street is that the hall is headed to 3 World Trade Center.
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