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Eater's Pizza Boat Is Now Gliding Across the East River

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Eater's Pop-Up Pizza Party on the East River Ferry — AKA #PizzaBoat — is now underway. The boat is loaded with pizzas from Luzzo's in the East Village, plus sodas, Eater swag, and more fun surprises. There's plenty of pizza to go around, so do hop on if you want a slice.
UPDATE, 8 p.m.: The Pizza Boat is headed back to port. But here's a look back at the festivities from this afternoon:

7:55: Pizza Boat is winding down now, but here's one last image that sums up this afternoon on the East River, courtesy of @brandonr. Thanks to the people at Luzzo's for baking the Pizza Boat pies, and to the East River Ferry crew for making this Pizza Week 2014 dream a reality.


7:20: The Pizza Boat was packed in the 6 o'clock hour, but there are still plenty of slices to go around:

7:00: There are many koozies aboard the Pizza Boat. Via Instagram/Thebaddeal:

6:45: A very chill moment on the Pizza Boat:
6:20: Dead soldiers:
6:15: More slices for more Eater readers:
6:05: There's still plenty of 'za to go around on the Eater Pizza Boat:
6:00: Dinnertime on the Pizza Boat:
5:55: Eater's resident pizza expert Nick Solares is now on the Pizza Boat:

5:50: Overheard on the Pizza Boat: "This is the best Friday ever!"

5:45: Here's the view from the top of the Pizza Boat:

5:35: People come on the boat, they eat pizza, then they get off the boat. This is the Pizza Boat lifecycle:


5:26: More people getting on the Pizza Boat at 34th Street:

5:25: An update from Robert Sietsema:

5:24: We've got some dogs on the Pizza Boat:
5:22: Some sage wisdom from Eater editor Hillary Dixler:

5:20: Here's the littlest pizza eater:
5:17: Another passenger is also celebrating her birthday today.
5:15: So far, we've gone through three whole pies, but there are plenty more where that came from.
5:10: A few helpful ferry facts: There's a five minute break between stops, plus 90 seconds built in to unload and load.
5:05: And we have our first Pizza Boat birthday boy!
5:00: A gentleman asked if we had any coffee. Sadly, no coffee, but lots of pizza, soda, and swag.

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