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Mario & Joe's Group Might Lose the Booze [UPDATE]

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The agenda for next week's SLA meeting includes several items related to the restaurants in Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich's group, including Eataly, Del Posto, and Babbo. Dr. Vino points out that the SLA documents list the infractions of "interlocking interest" and "false material statement" related to their restaurants. Joe Bastianich is a wine importer, and he sells that wine in his restaurants, so presumably, the SLA is trying to crack down on that specific type of business.

Here's the "offer" listed on the Eataly LCC item: "Global Settlement which includes $500,000 civil penalty, six month license suspension of Eataly Wine LLC Together with removal of Principal Lidia Bastianich from Eataly Wine LLC." The items related to the rest of their restaurants also list the same infractions and offers. All of the paperwork is available on the SLA's website (skip to page 56 of the PDF).

It's impossible to imagine the Batali/Bastianich group not being able to serve wine for six months, but that might be the reality. Eater has reached out to the group for comment. More details as they become available.
UPDATE: A rep for the group sends word: "EATALY and B&B HG have been and remain committed to fully addressing any concerns the Board may have."
UPDATE 2: Eater Wine Editor Levi Dalton takes a close look at the SLA issues and determines that, in all likelihood, B & B won't have its liquor licenses suspended. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.
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