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Pizza Bracket: Roberta's, Motorino, John's, and Grimaldi's

Here's a look at the current state of The Ultimate New York City Pizza Bracket. In the Old School division, John's clobbered Totonno's, Grimaldi's beat Patsy's, and Joe's creamed L & B Spumoni Gardens. In the New School division, Motorino beat Keste, Roberta's won over Paulie Gee's, and Lucali edged out Co. Voting for the Di Fara/Arturo's and Best Pizza/Luzzo heats is still underway (cut off is 5:15 p.m. today).

It's time to vote in the next round, where John's and Grimaldi's face off in the Old School division, and Motorino goes head to head with Roberta's in the New School division. Rock the vote:

Poll results

Poll results

The polls will stay open till 10 a.m. tomorrow (Thursday).
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