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Gerber Group Takes Control of Todd English's Olives

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The Gerber Group is now running Olives, Todd English's 14-year-old Union Square restaurant. Mr. English is still allegedly involved with Olives, although it's unclear if he's still a partner in the restaurant (see update). He's probably not going anywhere near the kitchen these days. A rep for the Gerber Group tells the Wall Street Journal: "Gerber Group took over operations of Olives at W Union Square last week and will continue to provide loyal patrons with what they have come to enjoy from this vibrant location." The director of marketing for Todd English's camp says that the chef is "still involved in the restaurant" and the "menus, name, and concept are staying the same," but Olives is "just now been licensed by the Gerber Group." Rande and Scott Gerber's restaurant group also operates Kingside, Whiskey Blue, Stone Rose Lounge, and several other bars and restaurants in Los Angeles, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Ft. Lauderdale.

Eater has reached out to English's camp. More details as they become available.

UPDATE: The Gerber Group issued a statement about the takeover:

From the Gerber Group:

On Thursday, March 13, 2014, Gerber Group took over management and operations of OLIVES at W Union Square from Todd English Enterprises. Todd English is no longer involved in the day to day operations, but the restaurant's name, concept and menu will remain the same. "We are excited to continue providing the excellent offerings OLIVES has become known for over the years and look forward to serving the loyal patrons, as well as new visitors and hotel guests," said Scott Gerber, Principal and CEO of Gerber Group."
So, there you go. Todd English is only a part of Olives in spirit. Also, Rande Gerber is no longer involved with the day-to-day management of the company, just Scott.
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