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Nitecap, the New Cocktail Lounge Beneath Schapiro's

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[Daniel Krieger]

Earlier this month, David Kaplan and Alex Day (both of Death & Co.) and Natasha David (formerly of Maison Premiere) opened Nitecap, a new subterranean cocktail parlor on the Lower East Side. The space sits directly beneath Schapiro's on Rivington Street, but the bar has its own entrance next door to the restaurant. Kaplan and Day are pitching this is a place where bartenders can go after they finish their shifts at other bars and restaurants. Kaplan recently told the Wall Street Journal: "The beverage program embraces the idea of the last drink of the night...those great, little non-fussy, end-of-the-night things." The team hasn't revealed very many details about the beverage options, but expect a lot of brandy behind the bar. Some food from Schapiro's is also available. Take a look around:

120 Rivington St., New York, NY
Now open


151 Rivington Street, Manhattan, NY 10002 (646) 490-4338 Visit Website