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East Village Schnitzel Emporium Set to Open Tomorrow

Photo: Zach Ligas

After months of anticipation, the first proper restaurant from Smorgasburg's schnitzel sandwich stand Schnitz will open to the public tomorrow. The menu will include fried chicken/pork/shrimp/squash sandwiches, chicken soup, salads, pickled vegetables, and fries, plus beer and wine. The East Village shop will offer counter service, but the space has a few tables for people that want to eat their schnitzel sandwiches in the restaurant. Alan Richman was impressed by the veal schnitzel when he paid a visit to Schnitz at Smorgasburg last summer, writing: "Such perfect texture is virtually impossible to achieve with veal, the preferred meat of German and Austrian schnitzel eaters."
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177 First Ave., New York, NY