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Ansel Brings Cookie Shots to NYC; BrisketTown's Keg

SOHO — Those milk and cookie shots that Dominique Ansel gave away at SXSW over the weekend will make their New York debut at his bakery on Friday. Ansel and his team will make 200 the first day, and sell the treats only after 3 p.m. Customers can get them warm, or with an extra shot of milk on request, and with a full 16-ounce glass of milk for an extra $3. [GS]

WILLIAMSBURG — Starting this week, BrisketTown is serving a free keg of beer every Tuesday night. The keg, which will change from week to week, will be tapped at 5 p.m., and the beer is self-serve and free until it's gone. [EaterWire]

GATO MADNESS — Bobby Flay's cat Taco, which he adopted in honor of the opening of Gato, actually has its own Instagram account. Sadly, there are no Andy Ricker-esque selfies on it (yet), but there are a couple of shots of Taco and Bobby holding hands. [Instagram]

EXPANSIONWIRE — AMC Theatres has teamed up with Danny Meyer's Union Square Events division for a new dine-in movie theater in Colorado. Red Kitchen, which opened in February, has a menu designed "in consultation with" USE, and includes dishes like a pulled pork panini, a turkey melt platter, and a mushroom truffle pizza. [~EN~]
[Photo: Dominique Ansel/Instagram]


324 Lafayette St., New York, NY

Dominique Ansel Kitchen

137 7th Avenue South, New York, NY