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Sun Noodle's Ramen Lab to Open this Spring

Sun Noodle image: Facebook

Sun Noodle, the New Jersey-based company that provides ramen noodles to many of the city's ramen greats, including Ivan Ramen, Chuko, Yuji, and others, is moving forward with plans to open a Ramen Lab in NYC. The team applied for a liquor license at 70 Kenmare Street back in December, and now Gothamist reports that the restaurant/ramen education center should open in April or May.

Sun Noodle owner Kenshiro Uki teamed up with chef Shigetoshi Nakamura back in 2012 to begin offering seminars and "ramen flights" at the Teterboro factory. According to a press release, the six-seat space there "was originally designed to invite chefs and restaurant owners to an intimate setting...but the demand for these sessions grew because of a surge in popularity and interest in ramen." Once the Ramen Lab has moved to NYC, it will have more space to offer those tastings sessions and seminars, plus a full menu focused on styles of ramen "not as well known in New York."
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Ramen Lab

70 Kenmare St., New York, NY