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Dominique Ansel Draws Crowds, Eats Brisket at SXSW

Dominique Ansel had a busy couple of days at SXSW this weekend, eating brisket, taking (milk and cookie) shots, and of course drawing long lines. The pastry chef was in town to serve Cronuts and debut a new milk-filled chocolate chip cookie shot glass creation at an exclusive late night event. Predictably, the line stretched for blocks and blocks. And yes, as many have wondered, Ansel is bringing the cookie shots back to New York. Gothamist reports that he plans to start selling them in the shop after 3 p.m., and might even fill future versions with things like Bailey's.

When he wasn't tending to the masses, Ansel met up with the man behind Austin's own longest line, Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue. The swapping of brisket and Cronuts amounted to what Franklin's wife, Stacy Franklin referred to as a "cromance." It also resulted in an epic lovechild: a brisket-stuffed DKA sandwich.
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[Photo: Veronica Meewes/EATX]