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'Inoteca Really Needs Help Drinking 1,300 Bottles of Wine

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'Inoteca's wine director has put out a call on Reddit for all "NYC Winos" to help drink those 1,300 odd bottles of wine it's got left before the restaurant shutters for good on Saturday. As the restaurant noted on Tuesday, all of the wines have already been discounted some, and there's an extra 10 percent off for anyone in the service industry. The Reddit plea adds that there will be more discounts as week goes on, and that "we're popping some outrageous stuff to pour by the glass that will get repossessed if we don't get to them first."

'Inoteca is streaming live updates of all the deals, discounts, and opened magnums on Twitter, so keep an eye out for the good stuff. As time ticks down, the discounts could reach as high as 80 percent off.
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