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The Legendary Arepa Lady is Opening a Restaurant

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Maria Cano, more commonly known as the Arepa Lady (or the Sainted Arepa Lady to some) is expanding her occasional Jackson Heights street cart operation to a year-round brick and mortar restaurant. Cano has been on the same corner of Roosevelt Avenue only on warm Friday and Saturday nights for decades, and has been a legendary member of the street food scene since Chowhound founder Jim Leff wrote about her arepas in the '90s.

Now, Serious Eats reports that her children will help open and run a small restaurant nearby, which will offer both seating and takeout, and a bigger menu of arepa toppings. It should be open by spring, and even when it does, the cart will continue to operate on its normal schedule.
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The Arepa Lady

77-02AA Roosevelt Ave., Queens, NY

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