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7 Crucial Facts About 'Nightlife Wonderland' Up&Down

It didn't take long for partners Richie Akiva, Scott Sartiano and Ronnie Madra to renovate the space where they operated The Darby (pictured), the restaurant and club that offered live entertainment and some other surprises during its three year run that ended last year. Timed perfectly for the return of New York Fashion Week, they are ready to unveil Up&Down, two separate yet connected club spaces that offer patrons more than a night out but an actual "nightlife experience" to help get customers off their phones and in the door.

The owners gave the Wall Street Journal a tour and primer on their new concept, and here are seven crucial facts about their new nightlife experience:

1) The design for Up "was inspired by an Italian villa, complete with palm trees, low leather banquettes, antique mirrors, custom brass chandeliers and a large gilded Braille painting by Roy Nachum," who also uniquely handled the art at 1OAK.

2) To move downstairs, guests will travel "via a stairway lit with a thermal installation that changes colors supposedly based on body heat."

3) The downstairs of Up&Down has a Soho House vibe, featuring art books and a pool table that will be moved each night to create a dance floor. The exact timing of the move is unknown, but the guess now is 2 a.m. Make a note.

4) There will be many hidden touches, including a stairway that leads nowhere and an old-fashioned phone booth that requires a secret code to open a door. If you ever get the secret code, you may find a photo booth and a fortune teller.

5) Want more hidden touches? A secret book on a shelf will lead you into another hidden room that will offer karaoke.

6) The entire club is designed for people who suffer from FOMO, which is something that Akiva, Sartiano, and Madra talk about constantly.

7) If you are confused by what you can find where, Sartiano says that UP is a "high-end club for mature audiences," Down is like a "membership club with no membership," and everything together "is like partying in a sick house."

Up&Down has already been hosting a few private events during Super Bowl week, and is expected to host the Prabal Gurung and Jeremy Scott after parties during NYFW.
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[The Darby Photo: Daniel Krieger]

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