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The Wash House Brings Suds and Suds to East First

The Wash House is now open on East First Street, bringing drop off laundry service, coffee, beer, wine, and grilled cheese to a neighborhood that already had plenty of all of those things, but not under one roof. The restaurant/laundry faced significant opposition from both the East First Street Block Association and CB3 District Manager Susan Stetzer, who sought to block its liquor license. While the desirability of a laundry service was acknowledged, there was concern that the granting of the liquor license would set a precedent at the address, which had previously not had a business as a tenant. The State Liquor Authority granted the license with the curious and seemingly unenforceable stipulation that it not become a "destination hang."

So you can now enjoy a grilled cheese sandwich and a beer while your laundry is washed in "100 percent all natural organic detergent." No word on whether the cheese or beer are organic as well since The Wash House does not appear to have a website or Facebook pages at this time.
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[Photo Credit: Lady of Grand]

The Wash House

44 East 1st Street, NY NY 10009

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