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The Mysterious Case of the 3 Restaurants at 1 E. Broadway

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It's time now to turn once more to Seamless, where Eater continues to turn up restaurants gaming the online food ordering system. This time a tipster writes in with word of a restaurant at 1 East Broadway in Chinatown, which has three different accounts with three different names currently active on Seamless. So which one is it really? Is it Yi Hao Chinese? Ann's Chinese Restaurant? Or Accord Asian Cuisine?

[Photo: Zach Ligas]
Eater took a stroll past the address and discovered that the restaurant is, in fact, Accord Asian Cuisine. But what about the other two? There's not a lot of sleuthing to do on this one. The three Seamless accounts all share the same phone number, and it only takes a quick glance at the lunch specials to see the menu similarities:
Accord Asian Cuisine
Ann's Chinese Restaurant
Yi Hao Chinese Restaurant
Accord and Ann's have some Japanese and Thai options that Yi Hao does not, but otherwise the menus are the same. An employee at the restaurant explained that Yi Hao was the old name, while Accord is the new one, but asked about Ann's he could only say that it is "the same" as Accord. While it's possible that this is true, and this is simply a case of innocent changeover, it remains somewhat suspicious that Yi Hao is the restaurant listed as "new" on Seamless.
Ann's is similarly new, but Accord, meanwhile, has been around long enough to earn almost 800 ratings. And regardless, all three are currently active and taking orders on Seamless.
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1 E Broadway, New York, NY