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Bottomless Brunch Is Legal, But Over-Serving Is Not

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On Tuesday, the New York Hospitality Alliance posted a statement reminding restaurateurs that most unlimited drink specials are against the law. Then earlier today, the SLA issued a statement explaining: "There is a limited exception in the statute when the service of alcohol is incidental to the event, such as in the case of certain brunch specials." After some confusion over whether or not brunch falls under the category of an "event," Eater reached out to the SLA. The response from an SLA spokesperson: "Yes however, even in these circumstances, licensees still have a legal obligation not to over serve patrons." Here's the long explanation from the SLA spokesperson:

The law provides the SLA with the discretion to permit specials where serving alcohol is incidental, for instance as an accompaniment to a meal, while prohibiting specials that simply promote excessive drinking. Licensees with questions should reach out to our office for guidance.
So, it sounds like most bottomless brunches are actually okay under the SLA's regulations, unless the restaurant is over-serving its guests. False alarm.
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