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Rumor: Restoration Hardware Hotel to Replace Pastis

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As noted last week, Pastis will go on a year-long hiatus after service on February 28, so that the new landlord can completely renovate the building. Back in October, Sir Keith McNally told Eater: "My plan is to reopen Pastis as soon as construction is finished." And, last month, the Daily News reported that the restaurant planned to reopen in the same space with a 15-year lease.

But now the blog Thirsty NYC floats the rumor that Pastis will actually reopen in a new space down the block, and the current space will become a "Restoration Hardware Hotel," which sounds like the punchline to a joke. Although that situation would not be ideal, the most important thing is that Pastis stays in the neighborhood. It is the heart and soul of the post-millennial Meatpacking District.

Eater has reached out to Mr. McNally for comment. More news as it becomes available.
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