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An Early Report on Má Pêche's New Dim Sum Menu

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Last week, the Má Pêche team killed the Kappo tasting menu and introduced a new "passed plates" program instead. In addition to regular a la carte menu items, guests can now order small, shareable plates that are wheeled around the dining room on carts, just like at the dim sum parlors of this city. On Friday, Ryan Sutton shared a photo of the dim sum menu with prices, and yesterday afternoon, an Eater reader named Dave (last name not Chang) sent in his thoughts on chef Paul Carmichael's new menu. Here's one diner's early take:

Ate at Ma Peche last night and tried out the new menu. At first, the new concept seems a little overwhelming. The only menu is a small card with the 4-5 entrees, the rest is unlisted, and they explain food will be "coming around on carts, sort of like dim sum."

But when the food starts coming around, things actually get really fun. Servers explain each dish, and with them all wonderfully plated, it's tempting to take a bunch. Pork buns appear first with a small bottle of Sriracha, wrapped in paper. Then several more carts come around, I'd say one every 10 minutes or so:

More from Eater reader Dave:

Ceviche cart: The black bass and foie was special. The broccoli makes an appearance here too, thankfully.
Hot cart: Rice balls with kale have a tangy/cheesy characteristic. The lamb ribs were unreal, the hit of the night. Wings looked just ok...skipped the fried rice.
Third cart: Duck fat challah was delish, but not terribly different from regular challah.
Shellfish cart: Had a gas burner on it, I believe they were frying lobster tails in clarified butter tableside.
Mains: Unfortunately a little basic — the porgy everyone knows, the fried chicken wasn't a knockout — no sides/garnishes/etc. Would have stuck to more smaller things — but it was good to have an anchor to the meal, I suppose.
Dessert: Proper menu that has cheese and sweets, but we went for the milk cart — Crack Pie for the table, Compost Cookies for the doggie bag.

And price wise — not bad at all. Worked out to $65 pp after t+t, and we got plenty of food with one cocktail pp.

Is dim sum service the change that will bring the critics and foodies back to Má Pêche? Only time will tell. But if you check it out, please send any thoughts our way.
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[Má Pêche, current layout photo: Momofuku/Gabriele Stabile]

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