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Network of Fake Restaurants Uncovered on Seamless

With a handful of phone calls, some Google mapping, and a little persistence, Tribeca Citizen has uncovered the seamy web of fake restaurants currently operating on Seamless and GrubHub. After a reader noticed that a new Chinese restaurant called Joe's Noodles listed an apartment building as its address, the blogger traced one of the restaurant's phone numbers to a different place called AAA Asian Food. That restaurant had its own fake address, plus a sister restaurant, Asian Diet Food, with the same number and a different fake address. Eventually, with a little more digging, it all boils down Lily's Japanese & Chinese Restaurant, a real restaurant that is apparently fielding the delivery orders placed to all of those places.

Tribeca Citizen got in touch with GrubHub/Seamless (now one company), and the director of PR responded: "As I write this email, our team is taking steps to correct the situation. GrubHub Seamless takes measures to ensure that every restaurant is correctly represented on our services and invites diners to report inaccuracies to our customer care team." As of now, the restaurants are all still on both sites, and also, bizarrely, offering reservations.
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[Photo: Instagram/Seamless]

Lily's Japanese & Chinese Restaurant

31 Oliver Street., New York, NY