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Owner Sara Conklin Says Glasserie Will Stay the Same

Glasserie's owner Sara Conklin dispels the rumors that the restaurant will undergo a major shift in direction once chef Sara Kramer departs. In an interview with Grub Street today, Kramer alluded to "significant changes to the food," but Conklin tells Eater that the menu will keep the same kind of "Levantine-leaning" dishes its always had. She adds that the restaurant will soon open a courtyard for private events, but otherwise there are no major changes in store.

Conklin, who is half Lebanese and grew up in the Middle East, says Glasserie's food "is rooted in my own experience and culture," and that Kramer, whose mother is Israeli and Peruvian, "was a great fit to launch and propel us forward for this reason (as well as being very talented!)." The incoming chef, Eldad Shem Tov, is also Israeli, and "has worked with these very traditional flavors and preparations throughout his own life." Shem Tov was also one of the original candidates for Glasserie's chef back when the restaurant was opening, and Conklin adds that they "feel super lucky to be getting a second chance to work together."
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