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Wine Dinners at The Cleveland; Making Borscht at Veselka

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The Cleveland by Krieger

WEST VILLAGE — The Cleveland is hosting two wine dinners next week, on Tuesday and Thursday, with French winemakers as guests. The first will feature Nicolas Renaud, the second Sebastien Riffault. Each dinner is three courses for $75, with wine available as a pairing or at a discount by the glass or bottle. Make reservations online. [EaterWire]

VIDEO INTERLUDE — The legendary borscht at Veselka is all made by one woman, twice a week, in 80 to 100 gallon batches. In a new short video, the New Yorker profiles that woman, Malgorcata Sibilski, and the two-day process that goes into those massive pots of soup. [New Yorker]

BOOK CLUB — Rawia Bishara, chef and owner of Bay Ridge's beloved Tanoreen has just published her first cookbook, Olives, Lemons & Za'atar. Eater National has a preview of the book, which includes Middle Eastern recipes from the restaurant and Bishara's family. [~EN~]

The Cleveland

25 Cleveland Place, New York, NY 10012 (212) 274-0900 Visit Website


144 2nd Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10003 (212) 228-9682 Visit Website


7523 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11209 (718) 748-5600 Visit Website