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60 Second Tasting Menu: wd~50, Winter 2014

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Welcome back to 60 Second Tasting Menu, a fast-paced visual tour of stunning, elaborate, and technically advanced menus currently on offer across country. This week, take in Wylie Dufresne's 12-course winter tasting menu at his almost 11-year-old Lower East Side restaurant wd~50. Just last year, Dufresne did away with his a la carte menu, offering this sequence of new dishes for $155 and another, shorter "From the Vault" $90 menu of his classic hits. Turn up the volume, and see below for the full menu description.

Tasting Menu, Winter 2014
Price: $155

Oyster in its "shell," preserved lemon, snow pea, hazelnut
Bay scallop, coffee, cauliflower, orange
Squash-roasted peanut soup, cockscomb, fig tobacco
Sweetbreads, cucumber-lychee, tonic, fermented black bean
Shrimp grits, pickled jalapeño
Corned beef cheek, tendon, banana-horseradish, myoga
Mediterranean bass, celery, macadamia, grapefruit
Milk braised pork collar, sunchoke, black sesame, kaffir
Cured duck breast, curds-n-whey, sweet potato, rice noodles
Bartlett pear sorbet, honey-milk crisp, tarragon
Key Lime pie, Ritz cracker, cherry
Apple tart, pomegranate, sorrel, pistachio

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50 Clinton Street, New York, NY 10002