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Zinczenko and Abrams to Open Tribeca Restaurant

Media tycoons/restaurateurs/BFFs Dave Zinczenko and Dan Abrams are planning a farm to table restaurant in the Tribeca space that formerly housed Churrascaria Tribeca. At one point in time, Lure Fishbar GM Robert Collins was eyeing 5 White St., with plans to open a Mexican restaurant. But now Abrams is applying for liquor license at the space, and the Post reports that he and Zinczenko have partnered with BondSt's GM Christine Cole on this new project. Churrascaria Tribeca closed at the end of the year.

Cole tells Tribeca Citizen that this will be an "American bistro," but they have not decided on a name yet, or who they will hire as chef. Zinczenko and Abrams are also partners at The Lion in Greenwich Village. No word yet on whether Collins is still planning to open a Mexican restaurant in the neighborhood.
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Churrascaria Tribeca

5 White St., New York, NY