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Dumb Starbucks Viral Stunt Coming to Brooklyn

The Dumb Starbucks press conference by Eater LA/Kat Odell

A new coffee shop/art project thing in Los Angeles called Dumb Starbucks looks just like a regular Starbucks, except the word "dumb" is added in front of everything in the shop. There was an hour wait to get into this dumb store over the weekend, and its surprise appearance ignited a media firestorm out in LA. But at a press conference yesterday, the shop was revealed to be a prank by Nathan Fielder, the comedian behind Comedy Central's Nathan for You. During his appearance yesterday, Fielder announced that Brooklyn would get its own Dumb Starbucks in the coming weeks. And after his appearance, the shop was shut down by the DOH.

So, soon, New York will have its very own elaborate, interactive advertisement for some Comedy Central show you've never heard of. Head over to Eater LA for more on the scene at Dumb Starbucks over the weekend.
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Dumb Starbucks

1802 Hillhurst Ave., Los Angeles, CA