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School Fundraiser at Stanton Social; More on the Coravin

EAST VILLAGE — On Wednesday Chris Santos will host a fundraiser for The Neighborhood School at Stanton Social. Santos will donate $10 to the school for every person who reserves in advance and mentions the school, and $5 for every non-TNS cover, plus he'll match whatever that total is. [EVG]

WINEWIRE — Coravin inventor Greg Lambrecht gives a lengthy explanation and demonstration of his high-tech wine-saving device over on BuzzFeed, complete with some nifty gifs to explain the mechanics. Levi Dalton offered his take on how the device is changing the New York wine scene back in November. [BuzzFeed]

VIDEO INTERLUDE — Take a look at Portlandia's jab at anti-corporate student art, featuring (who else) Ronald McDonald. In it an art professor (played by Fred Armisen) teaches his students how to stick it to the man by having them draw from a live Ronald model, decked out in props like money bags and gas masks. [~EN~]
[Photo: Stanton Social/Official Site]

Stanton Social

99 Stanton St, New York, NY

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