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Skip the Bill. Pay with OpenTable.

No check, please. Skip the bill with OpenTable’s new mobile app.

Even after the most exceptional of meals, waiting too long for the check can ruin a dining experience. Enter: Pay with OpenTable, an app that allows you to slide or tap Apple Pay to settle a check at the end of a meal.

It's simple: add a credit card to the reservation you book on your iPhone at restaurants like Mercer Kitchen and Colicchio & Sons, and your OpenTable app will automatically allow you to pay whenever you've finished dining and are ready to go. All you have to do is give your server the heads up and you'll be on your way whenever you please, off on your next dining adventure.

And, if you try it now, you'll get $10 on OpenTable, so you can order that extra cocktail or indulge in dessert. Head this way to check it out. >>