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Grand Central Shake Shack Becomes First Outside of an Airport to Serve Breakfast Sandwiches

A game changer for anyone who commutes through Midtown.

Foursquare/Jesse O.

Today is a big day for early risers, Grand Central commuters, and Shake Shack lovers. Today the Shake Shack in Grand Central Terminal becomes the first outpost outside of JFK airport to serve breakfast sandwiches. That means that this Shack is open earlier now, and from 7 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. it will serve three types of breakfast: a sausage, egg, and cheese, a bacon, egg, and cheese, and just a plain old egg and cheese. They cost $4.75 with meat or $3.75 without, so there's really no reason to ever get a bodega egg and cheese in Midtown again. There's also coffee and tea, of course.

Shake Shack

1333 Broadway, Manhattan, NY 10018 (646) 230-0696 Visit Website