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Danny Meyer's Blue Smoke Now Serving In-Flight Barbecue on Six Times as Many Planes

More barbecue and some home style Louisiana cooking might make Delta the airline of choice for Southern food fans heading to Europe.

Danny Meyer & chef Jean-Paul Bourgeois.
Danny Meyer & chef Jean-Paul Bourgeois.
Airplane photo via Delta Facebook; Nick Solares

Danny Meyer's Union Square Hospitality Group has just expanded its foray into the world of airline food to give many more well-heeled Delta flyers the chance to eat Blue Smoke ribs while en route to Europe. The pilot program served Blue Smoke food to business class travelers flying between JFK and London Heathrow, and apparently it wasn't awful, so now pond-hopping fans of barbecue can dine on smoked meat while on their way to number of other European destinations: Frankfurt, Paris, Zurich, Amsterdam, and Dublin. And just as with the dining options at original Blue Smoke in NYC the offerings now go beyond just barbecue. Executive chef Jean-Paul Bourgeois has also added "cherished family recipes" form his native Louisiana. A sample menu includes root beer-braised short ribs and smoked baby back ribs, though how well all that really holds up at 20,000 feet is still, as it were, up in the air.

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