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Smith's Bar And Restaurant's Neon Sign Has Been Mysteriously Restored to 8th Avenue

The iconic sign is back, but will it illuminate a faithful recreation or a fancy upgrade?


When Smith's Bar and Restaurant shuttered back in October of last year it seemed that it would be the last time the iconic neon sign would caste its warm glow over 8th Avenue. But now the sign is back, looking fresh and clean, according to Jeremiah Moss, and speculation has begun as to what this could mean. Will the bar return as it once was? Or is it undergoing, as Moss puts it, some sort of "upscale re-do"?

Smith's, which had been a fixture in Times Square for over 60 years, was purchased back in 2009 by the company that also owns Social Bar NYC, which is located further up 8th Avenue. The Smith's website now links to Social Bar's homepage, so Eater reached out to the team there, but manager Devon Scarpulla denied any knowledge that Social Bar is still involved with the renovation of Smith's.

Smith's Bar & Restaurant, 701 8th Ave, Midtown

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