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The Underground Gourmet Praises Indian Dinners at Saltie and Persian Pop-Up at Porsena

The Robs give three stars each to two new pop-ups in town.

Saltie chefs Rebecca Collerton and Caroline Fidanza
Saltie chefs Rebecca Collerton and Caroline Fidanza

Today Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfed, aka the Underground Gourmet, review two recent pop-ups, Lakh Lakh and Mr. Curry. The former takes place at Porsena on Monday nights, where chef/cookbook author Louisa Shafia serves small plates of Persian street food. The latter takes place at Saltie, where on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights Caroline Fidanza and Rebecca Collerton stop serving their excellent sandwiches and instead serve Indian food. Both impress the Robs. On Mr. Curry:

Collerton cares less about authenticity than about unique flavor profiles, hoping that her firm, subtly spicy Swedish-size meatballs taste different from her soothing yellow dal. (They do.) Basmati rice and condiments make fine accompaniments-especially a bright and fragrant coriander sauce with the texture of salsa verde

Both pop-ups earn three stars. But it's worth noting that, while Mr. Curry appears to be set to go on indefinitely, Lakh Lakh will only be around until early next year.


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